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The meaning behind f(x)☆


Girls Generation; 2007 - 2012

Adidas is also promoting RPPP dance. :)

Girls’ Generation won the YouTube Music Award (Video of the Year). Yehey~

-Tag rant-

  • I want Kim Woobin’s asshole role. (I love him!)
  • I want Kim Jiwon’s bitchiness. (I love her!)
  • Eunsang’s mother and Tan’s mother interaction. They’re like Tom and Jerry, LOL!
  • Chanyoung and Bona moments! I want some lovey-dovey scene. Hahaha! Last episode didn’t even last 30 seconds. 
anchorwoman lee bona & her fan

VOTE FOR f(x)!

inspired by dbsk501


With the man !

TASTY with Lee Soo Man.

I don’t know what to say… Tasty with Lee Soo Man… Anyways, I’m glad that SM invited the duo. :)